Awesome Features

Training, Education & Fun

Our tool will allow you to challenge your users on any platform. It helps in enhancing the aptitudes for solving different types of problems. It is designed to make learning quick & easy.

Easy to use Interface

Interface is designed to allow you to create and assign your Tests with ease and speed. Say goodbye to manual data entry. From biology to business, add all of your classes. And don't worry about number of students in classes.

No software installations required

Since, our software is online...so no need of software installation and buying different license. Learn Anywhere, Anytime.

Automatic Grading & Certificates and Share

Performance Reports are generated to give self assessment a boost, with details for each question having User's Answer, Correct Answer & Explanation if required. Certficates thus generated can shared on social media for healthy competition & motivation.

Eliminate cheating with unique student accounts

No need to worry about cheating or security with your students. Each student is assigned a unique account associated with their class. Plus, you have the option to randomize quiz questions to make your quiz cheat-proof.

Track student progress with real-time analytics

Want to see if Meer's average has picked up over the course of the year? Or maybe, you want to know if Aavya has mastered molecular biology. Assess your class as a whole, identify students who need help, and track which students haven't taken your quizzes. It's simple & easy way of analytics & reports.

No Device Dependency

Our tool is totally responsive, which can be used through any device.

  • Computer
  • Tablets/iPad
  • Smartphones
Bespoke Branding

Use your own logo to give Branding to the tool.

Schedule a Personalized Demo

Please give us an opportunity to take you through the demo of ELAS which will help you better understand the processes and modules.